Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Final Post

Okay guys so this is it. my final post of everything that i do for 6 week. My first topic is about to making a slang and choosing to made a slang a dictionary but i got less resources so i'm finding the way to solve and decide to making comic life. it takes me a weeks I made a hard copy so I can share it to people or you could see the pdf copy of the slang chat. The reason why I doing the slang chat because my first plan of this UOI is about slang, the way people say slang, when and what does the slang words meaning but the problem too is that i don't get the sources such as less people telling me about their slang because nowadays people are saying the words without thinking it and they do confuse of what are the meaning.

The step that I took to making this are first is Knowledge the introduction of the changes why I change slang - slang chats and the introduction. next is the Comprehension I'm choosing the comprehension by making a short video and explanation. After I'm doing the product and its on part Application, this stage is the part of us to making the final product that things that we will tell and showing the knowledge. I'm choosing to making a comic book that the inside is the lesson of slang chat.

The last stage that i'm doing in UOI is about Analysis and this stage I will making a short paragraph and I will analyze about the slang chat that why people in SWA use the slang and what are type and consequences of using slang so here is students and people in swa commonly using slang chat for chatting because the slang have been like the king and guardian that people will use it and its also sometimes make people look cool. if we use like the formal words overtime they might think that we are nerd that only could be study but eventually nobody people wants people say that to them.

If this slang chat keep updating in social network then sometimes people will only remember the slang and forgot the real word for slang. slang created by people mind and wrote in chatting such as (Facebook, twitter, tumblr)that certain people that have that social network then you guys will know those kind of slang that mostly use in the social network. every social network have their own slang to describe something.

The beginning of this project UOI I was interested till I finally find the hard part of creating and resourcing so I was being bored but I find the solution and I change a bit from my first plan which is making the dictionary of slang and turn into Slang chat of the lesson in comic book. I did show this to people around my friends that people are usually called them as nerd because they are not cool that doesn't understand and they learn a bit after reading my comic and some of people are weird and strange and change them to laugh but people have their own variety of judge.

Here's the Oral Interview me with Mr. Jabiz Raisdana and interviewing me.


This video my comprehension but i'm using video and graphing. in this comprehension will be answering this question :

  • Describe the words and 
  • Compare the words  using pages or comic life
  • Explain the words

The reason that I use the video because I haven't got too much on criterian A and B so i use movie to presented. Thanks and hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Slang words of Chat life

      Sorry guys.. I think the slang words that people use is kinda to be hard because people less want to be interview and less people know about the slang. People in SWA sometimes never notice what language did they use, they use a lot of slang words but they didn't know it so well so yea I change it to slang words on chat. Its a bit easy because I got lots of data and I'm do part of people who use a lot of slang words in chat like " BRB " We use this when we need to go and we will back on chat soon, BRB base of Be Right Back ( e.g Hey people .. BRB I need to take some food and I be back in 5- 10 minute so stay tune) People can just mess up with words to make people confuse.
      People during chatting could be changing their language, If you are chatting with the person who you never know but she/he add you, people will start with asking " ASL " its mean Age/sex/Live it will respresent all the question rather than we ask, whats your name.. how old are you.. Where are you come from and mix that become a slang of  "ASL" This words you will be find in " Omegle" or chatting with stranger who randomly add you.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hi this piece of final product that I made for couple week ago and my task is  I am i’m going to use the words that i learn to illustrate and complete a comic book that examine text chat"

My teacher looking confuse :S

Here is a picture of the hard copy of my final product

If you want to get closer and more clear you can check this below 

Comic Life for ESL

Friday, 20 May 2011

Quotes Power

Quotes is a words that make people sometimes could really know and enjoying the quotes. Every quotes always have a meaning behind. People know quotes usually from the bible, book or person's imaginary and feeling of a person. I often hear quotes from my friends and his quotes always inspiring me on my work and on my problem. Quotes not always about life, love but its also could do for showing your feeling and express the feeling by words. This is some of the quotes that about life

This is my favorite love quotes :) 

These are type of high school quotes 

This is type of motivation quotes

This is type of dream quotes :) 

Thank you guys and this all quotes are powerful and always a meaning because quotes is not finding a perfection but quotes is making a feel of what people are really feel of something that always make them either sad, smile, cheerful,heart broken, love and dreams. QUOTES ARE POWERFUL! :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011


What do you guys know about slang? Slang sometimes is a word that people just mess up with the meaning but it impacting surrounding and community. Slang could be base 3-4 words from the origin words that 7-8 like Epic and the meaning of epic is extremely unique.

In my research of collecting data from SWA and overseas, I found that SWA slang words I only had 3 slang words from all middle school and its not enough to finish my research so I will find more by going to cafe and ask the community. I just found 3 slang words of middle school usually say. Its 1. Epic (Extremely unique)" you such a epic guy! why dont you bring spare cloth while you know we will have water balloon war.    2. Noob/ n00b ( You sucks) people usually use this words when they say starting playing an exited game but a person ruin all because he is a noob. and last one is Cool story bro ( a Extremely boring story) You guys must be heard this a hundred time when you see someone piece of writing, its boring but you pretend to be like that story so you will say " Cool story bro" I love it! make it for me :) "

Students in SWA start to using this kind of words in their sentence while they talking with friends. Slang could change the person way of talk and attitude because some of slang words include a rude words, swearing and etc. Its also change people attitude because if they want to look to be cool they should speak what people speaking ( slang , swear?) they should understand a lot what slang words that people use because for teenager, slang is part of being cool.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

List your favorite slang words and the meaning

Hi guys! ESL class now doing what topic that we are interest and I'm choosing slang words and figure out how could slang words could be impacting the people in the world. So, I need you guys help to comment and leave me your favorite slang with the meaning it. This project will be for 10 weeks till the end of year. Leave 3 slang words and the meaning of the slang words. Thanks